June 15, 2019

Elle + Michael ⋆ In Home Lifestyle Session in Brooklyn, NYC

Elle and Michael were so kind as to be part of the With Love from BKLYN workshop I attended back in June 2019 in a picturesque loft apartment in Brooklyn, NY. And, not only were they some of the most gorgeous human beings I’ve ever laid eyes on, but their love was the sweetest to capture. The two of them were so comfortable in their own skin it was almost as if they weren’t being photographed at all.

The two cuties were having the best time getting close and cuddly and then the next minute spinning around and making the absolute most of this little styled session. They are a true testament to the idea that the more loose and genuine you are to yourself and your partner during a shoot the more fiery and passionate your photos will look. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to shoot with such beautiful souls.

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