August 2, 2020

Mike + Nadia ⋆ In-home Maternity Session in Queens, New York

Mike + Nadia are two of the most important people in my life. We’ve shared some of my favorite memories together, whether it was our annual Riot Fest trips to Chicago, the many baseball games we’ve attended, or late night Smash Bros. hangs, they are always down for a good time. We were always close friends but truly, when we moved a short drive away from them into Queens, we became family. So when they invited my boyfriend and I out to our favorite spot to grab drinks one night I thought it was just business as usual. Little did I know they were about to share with us that a new player was being added to the team.

Shortly after the pandemic happened and we didn’t get to see each other for months. We would check-in over Zoom calls and play Jackbox and animal crossing together–you know the usual quarantine activities. They drove by our apartment just to say hi from six feet away, (truly the sweetest humans right?). Finally, as things began to open up a bit and we knew we had all been taking safe precautions I had a feeling that their baby girl would be arriving any day so we got together for a very last minute maternity shoot in their newly renovated home. And then just as suspected, on July 2, 2020, only a few short days later, we all welcomed little Olivia Angelina to the gang and she is so incredibly loved already.

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